Army of Two: The Devils Cartel

Army of two

No one expected that Army of Two reaching the third installment, but here we are. This chapter is a change of tone with respect to the former, although it maintains the essence: cooperative + easy shot

With a microsoft points, you can get the third installment of Army of Two brings severe changes in gameplay that are slightly different from previous games experience. The of Two: Devils Cartel is more than ever focused on the action pure and hard, getting rid of some discomfort from his predecessors. This Army of Two is more direct and no frills, with a simple cooperative and a faster game rhythm. However, and despite the effort, it seems that the franchise still does not find its hollow.

Two men and a destination

The mark of the House of Army of Two is cooperative play in pairs. The game is designed for two characters, two players and varied situations that promote this “team spirit”. For example, there are times that while one distracts enemies another attack on the hand, there are others in which we walk different paths, but that they affect each other, also have situations closure limit surrounded by enemies, when one goes to a turret and the other covers, etc. In this sense the game promotes teamwork.

Fortunately, compared to previous games, this need to “be together” has mellowed. Now you can act more independently without affecting your partner is hurt by this. I.e., achieved a better balance between independence and dependence.

This makes the single player campaign is more bearable: the companion is there, helps, does not bother and lets you enjoy the action.

It is also the online mode, clear, but this time only to play co-op deleting so the multiplayer mode of the second installment. You can also play screen split in the same console.

Control similar to the current games

The control is very similar to any action game in the third person. In fact the tutorial to learn the movement is minimal, so brief that the explanation of how is left by the wayside control orders to the other partner (but no matter).

Returns sort of way fury that we saw in the first installment: an energy bar that loads as you’re killing more or less elegantly. To complete it, you untie all your annihilating force with more powerful, infinite ammunition and immunity. It lasts little, but the destruction is maximal.

Also new are the options of customization of weapons and equipment, to the point where you can create your own design by mask. The large amount of weapons that are available, and which are obtained by purchasing them with the money you collect in the missions, have many options of modification with accessories that will enhance them according to your taste.

With Frostbite 2, but not noticeable

Army of Two: The Devil cartel poster uses the Frostbite 2 engine, the same Battlefield 3, with which one can expect a high quality textures and various details. Unfortunately it is not so, this installment of Army of Two sometimes looks like a game from the beginning of this generation, especially in the cinematic where the game teaches all its flaws: textures in low resolution, characters and very polygonal objects, ugly animations, etc.

The only good thing that manages to get Army of Two’s Frostbite 2 engine is the destruction of objects and coverage. In this sense the game shows a performance comparable to Battlefield, not so detailed, but strong enough to make you play other imaginative forms.

The music is almost non-existent enough sound and correct bent voices.  Complete poster is not the most revolutionary game of the moment, nor it is the most beautiful or the best made, but it is interesting to play, especially in co-op. Army of Two is not hidden behind harmless features or complicated stories, is a raw, simple and full of testosterone. Easy shooting, huge explosions and dozens of enemies. If that is what you are looking for, you’ll find it here and be sure to check


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